The "Forum Bellevue
on the Future of Democracy"

The Federal President's "Forum Bellevue on the Future of Democracy" aims to facilitate critical and open debate on current and fundamental issues affecting our society and thereby contribute to the well-being of our liberal democracy. At each event, the Federal President engages in discussion with German and international thought leaders from the worlds of science, politics, culture, business and civil society.

The Forum provides a platform in which to explore controversial questions and new points of view while seeking open debate on the conditions of success and the challenges faced by liberal democracy.

25 November 2019: "Which future? On Democracy and Progress"

At the eighth Bellevue Forum, Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier spoke with British author Ian McEwan, American-Canadian psychologist and cognitive scientist Steven Pinker and German cognitive and neuroscientist Maren Urner about the relationship between democracy and progress. Read more